pBuzz Education Bundle

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We are very excited to be able to offer you the opportunity to buy the complete pBuzz bundle for your school!

Whether it is whole class teaching or an after school pBuzz Club, you can now buy everything you need. The bundle consists of pBuzz and mouthpieces along with our Learn to Play pBuzz book with Powerpoint and sturdy storage boxes


pBuzz Bundle 15
15 pBuzz
15 extra mouthpieces (30) in total
1 storage box
1 Learn to Play pBuzz - Martin Yates

pBuzz Bundle 30
30 pBuzz
30 mouthpieces
2 storage boxes
1 Learn to Play pBuzz - Martin Yates

Martin Yates - Learn to Play pBuzz
This book is designed for non-brass instrument specialists, teaching in a Primary School setting. This is mainly aimed at EYFS and Key Stage 1, but can also be used in Key Stage 2.

It is designed to give children as young as Reception the chance to learn to play a brass instrument, even though the pBuzz is plastic the way you produce a sound is exactly the same as any brass instrument. Students will learn and perform the five notes on a pBuzz and play some simple tunes.

There are 6 Steps, these may achieved 1 per week or 1 over a number of weeks depending on the number of children, the time available and the level of the children

Accompanying this book is a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation for pBuzz containing the music and associated audio tracks.

The audio tracks can also be downloaded from this site, please see below, those with voiceover and without.

You can find the first 7 pages of the PowerPoint which accompanies the book on our Education Resources Page Click Here

For the Teachers Handbook Click Here

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