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Taylor: Just Play Bass Clef Book 2

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This teaching resource has been designed for both small group teaching and for one to one teaching and follows on from the skills developed in Book 1. It is divided into 15 “units”, each one expected to take between 4 and 6 weeks to complete depending on the student’s age, lesson length, group size, progress between lessons and musical knowledge developed through playing another instrument. Each unit has a number of objectives to be met before moving on to the next unit, together with exercises and melodies to help the students achieve them. It is not necessary to work on every exercise as there may be a number of exercises available to choose from to meet the objectives listed at the start of the unit.

A number of the exercises in this book allow the teacher to differentiate between students with differing skill levels. Each student should be able to achieve the objective using the various options within the exercise.

This book also goes beyond the playing of the instrument and reading the music. There are a number of examples throughout the book that develop the student’s music knowledge, skills and understanding with exercises in music theory, aural training, composition, improvisation and research.

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